Road Race-Circle Track DataMite

Road Race-Circle Track DataMite 3.7

Data Logger and Computer Software to Measure,Report and Analyze Road Racing
3.7 (See all)

Data Logger and Computer Software to Measure, Graph, Report and Analyze Road Racing & Circle Track Data from All Types of Vehicles
Our affordable DataMite III USB can record what your car is doing out on the track. This is our 3rd generation of DataMite data logger, and it has several advanced features vehicle data logging. With its surface mount technology, we’ve been able to pack lots of power into a very small package. It’s only 4.2 x 5.6 x 1.7 inches (mounting flanges and hardware make the “footprint” larger) and weights less than 1 lb. It’s main features include:
-DataMite III USB with 3 RPM channels and 12 analog channels.
-3 axis accelerometer
-USB communications cable for setting up and troubleshooting
-1 Gig (1000 meg) or optional 2 Gig SD memory card, provides hours of recording time and incredibly fast uploading to your computer for analysis.
-Lighted Start/Stop logging switch
-GPS enabled for optional DT3-GPS allowing for GPS track mapping and lap timing.
-50 or 100 Hz sampling rate

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